Natural Park

The Golden Sands Natural Park is the smallest (13.2 square kilometres) of Bulgaria’s eleven natural parks. It stands at 17 km northeast from Varna along the coastal line and surrounds the holiday resort of the same name. The park spreads over a strip of land 9.2 km long, of average width 1.2 km. The park’s highest point is Chiplak Tepe (269 m) and its average height is 110 m above the sea level. The park borders at village Kranevo to the north, farmlands to the west, Varna-Kranevo road to the east and forests and farmlands to the south. The park’s larger territory encompasses lands falling under the management of Varna Territorial Department of the State Forestry Fund while some sectors are managed by Balchik Territorial Department of the State Forestry Fund.

The idea to form a park in this area was documented as early as 1915 and found its materialization on the 3rd of February 1943 when, by virtue of decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and State-owned Properties, part of state-owned forest Hachuka of area 2.4 sq. km. was announced “National Park Golden Sands,” thus setting the existence of the second such park in this country after the “National Park Vitosha” (1934) (today renamed to “Vitosha Natural Park”). The goal of this initiative was to preserve valuable plant and animal habitats and unique landscapes.

When the Golden Sands Park was promulgated in 1943, no one could foresee that thirteen years later one of Bulgaria’s largest seaside resorts would be built in this location. The Golden Sands resort not only thrives in the national park’s land, but it also took the park’s name.

The Natural Park is a protected zone where natural habitats and wild life are preserved as part of ecological network Natura 2000.
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